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Friday, June 19, 2015

Ketki Rangwala Dalal, Essentials of Civil Engineering, Charotar Publishing House Free E-book (PDF) Download

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Essentials of Civil Engineering  by Ketki Rangwala Dalal published by Charotar Publishing House is one of the primary text book  for the course be101-01 introduction to civil engineering for Kerala Technological/Technical University (KTU). The original text book may upto Rs.275 . The e-book/pdf for that is not easily available also. However a free PDF excerpt of Book Whose preview is shown below. A free Solution manual is also available. Which surely Help you students. A download option for both text-book and solution manual is Given Below. If you Found out anything valuable for ketki rangwala dalal essentials of civil engineering you may mail that to eduktu@gmail.com so that it  will be useful for your fellow students. Any way thank you for your support to Kerala Technological University Blog. Leave Comments if you desire.

click on link given below to download
Download Textbook

Disclaimer: The Download option  is not available we will work on it for sure . The  e-book is intended for poor students who cannot buy.

Additional Informations about the text book is given by

Title: Essentials of Civil Engineering 

Description:This book aims at presenting the topics of Elements of Civil Engineering written in a simple manner. The subject-matter is characterized by comprehension as well as methodical and easy-to-follow style. The book contains total Six Sections as mentioned below:
Section I   : Scope of Civil Engineering
Section II  : Surveying
Section III : Construction Materials
Section IV : Elements of Building Construction
Section V  : Water Resources Development
Section VI : Transportation Engineering

Every topic in this text book is explained in very simple and lucid language. All 36 chapters contain sufficient self explanatory matter, neat sketches, solved and unsolved examples and questions asked in G.T.U. Exams. The students will be able to prepare themselves by solving typical questions given at the end of each chapter. Previous years’ examination papers (with solution) of G.T.U. are given at the end of book for better preparation. Salient features of this book are: * 588 Self-explanatory and neatly drawn sketches; * 87 Illustrative problems; * 85 Useful tables; * 640 Typical questions at the end of the chapters; * 176 Questions asked in G.T.U. Exams. The text-matter has been arranged systematically according to the curriculum developed by the Gujarat Technological University (G.T.U.) for the subject ELEMENTS OF CIVIL ENGINEERING [Subject code 110004 (Revised)] for the First year Degree Engineering students [Common to All Branches] and also it should prove to be extremely useful to the Engineering students preparing for the Degree Examinations of all the Indian Universities, Diploma Examinations conducted by various Boards of Technical Education, Certificate Courses as well as for the A.M.I.E., U.P.S.C., G.A.T.E., I.E.S. and other similar competitive and professional examinations. It should also prove great of interest and practical use to the practising professionals.

 If you Found out anything valuable for ketki rangwala dalal essentials of civil engineering you may mail that to eduktu@gmail.com so that it  will be useful for your fellow students. 
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  1. The information you have shared was very useful and relevant to my carer. Please keep delivering these types of information in future.
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  2. this is not downloading......it is showing that sign in to blogger....what is that actually?????how can i download this


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