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Friday, June 12, 2015

KTU Syllabus: ME110 Mechanical Engineering Workshop 2015

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Kerala Technological university KTU First year B.tech Syllabus for ME110 Mechanical Engineering Workshop is given By 

Course No. :  ME110

Course Name: Mechanical Engineering Workshop

L-T-P-Credits:  0-0-2-1

Year of Introduction: 2015

Course Objectives,Syllabus:

Introduction to manufacturing process and their applications. Familiarization of various tools, measuring devices, practices and machines used in various workshop sections.

List Of Exercises / Experiments (Minimum Of 8 Mandatory)

  1. General : Studies of mechanical tools, components and their applications: (a) Tools: Screw drivers, spanners, allen keys, Cutting pliers etc. And accessories (b)Components: Bearings, seals, O-rings, circlips, keys etc.
  2. Carpentry : Any one model from the following: 1. T-Lap joint 2. Cross lap joint 3. Dovetail joint 4. Mortise joint
  3. Smithy: (a) Demonstrating the forgability of different materials (MS, Al, Alloy steel and Cast steel) in cold and hot states. (b) Observing the qualitative differences in the hardness of these materials (c) Determining the shape and dimensional variations of Al test specimen due to forging under different states by visual inspection and measurements
  4. Foundry : Any one exercise from the following 1.Bench moulding 2. Floor mouldiing 3. Core making
  5. Sheet metal : Any one exercise from the following Making 1. Cylindrical 2. Conical 3. Prismatic shaped jobs from sheet metal
  6. Welding : Any one exercise from the following Making joints using Electric arc welding. Bead formation in horizontal, vertical and overhead positions
  7. Fitting and Assembly  : Filing exercise and any one of the following exercises Disassembling and reassembling of 1. cylinder piston assembly 2. Tail stock assembly 3. Time piece/clock 4. Bicycle or any machine.
  8. Machines : Demonstration and applications of Drilling machine, Grinding machine, Shaping machine, Milling machine and lathe.

References Books:


Hence the syllabus for me110 mechanical engineering workshop for kerala technical university

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