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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Ph.d. Research Regulations Part-4

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Doctoral Committee may in exceptional cases grant additional time beyond two month s on request from the scholar for valid reasons. The guidelines for use of anti - plagiarism software for the Ph.D thesis are as follows: 1. the scholars have to certify that the software “Turnitin” or any ot her standard software / platform was used for checking against p lagiarism. 2. The Research supervisor has to ensure checking against plagiarism through any standard software before submission of the PhD thesis and endorse the undertaking of the scholar. 3. The Research supervisor may obtain a special relief from this checking from the Dean ( Research) on grounds of IP implications or Na tional Security, if applicable. 

21 . The thesis Examiners 

The thesis shall be referred to two examiners chosen by t he V ice Chancellor (VC) or his nominee normally from among the panel of examiners recommended b y the Doctoral Committee at the synopsis meeting. The VC, if deemed necessary,may select examiners from even outside the Panel given by the DC . 

22 . Reports from Examiners

The examiner s are expected to send the report on the thesis within two month s from the date of receiving the thesis. In c ase of undue delay in receiving the thesis report, the VC or his/her nominee shall appoint another examiner from the app roved panel of examiners for evaluating the thesis. If one of the two thesis examiners declares the thesis as not commended , the thesis shall be referred to a third examiner from the approved panel . If two examiners, aft er referral to a third e xaminer, when necessary, report the thesis as not commended, t he registration of the scholar shall stand cancelled. If two Examiners recommend the thesis for the award of Ph.D , the Doctoral Committee will consider the report s and recommend for the conduc t of Viva - voce . For the constitution of the Viva - voce board,a panel of four names of subject experts will be recommended by the DC. The Viva - voce in both these cases will be conducted normally not earlier than two weeks from the d ate of the constitution of the V iva - voce board . If the examiner / s suggest / s resubmission of the thesis after revision the research scholar will be allowed to resubmit within the time stipulated by the Doctoral Committee . In all other c ases, not covered by the a bove r egulations the matter will be referred to the Doctoral Committee for consideration. 

23. Viva-Voice/ Open defence

The following is the composition of the V iva - voce Board: 1. Dean(Research) of the University or nominee 2 Academic Head of t he College/Department 3 . One of examiner s of the thesis from within the country 4. One subject expert from a panel of four names recommended by the DC and chosen by the VC or his/her nominee. 5 . Researc h S upervisor (s) Member Member/s Chairman Convenor/ Member Member The Doctoral Committee members of the Research Scholar concerned will be invitees to the V iva - voce. E - copy of the thesis shall be circulated among the members and invitees prior to the Reports Meeting an d Viva - voce examination of th e thesis. T he written response of the candidate to the examiners’ que ries as well as the modified e - thesis be circulated prior to the Viva - voce / DC meeting The viva voce board will examine the scholar on his/her thesis work and evaluate his/her performa nce as satisfactory or otherwise. The viva voce board will ensure that the scholar answers satisfactorily the questions raised by the thesis examiner(s). The viva voce board may also recommend revision to be made in the final version of the thesis after taking into consideration suggestions of the examiners who evaluated the thesis and the discussion at the viva voce. If the performance of the research scholar in the Viva voce is satisfactory, he/she will be recommended for the award of Ph.D. degree wi th the approval of the competent authority of Kerala Technological University. The Chairman of the V iva - voce board shall forward the thesis to the Dean( Research ) of the University certifying that th e revisions recommended by the V iva voce board, if any, have been incorporated in the copy of the thesis along with the report of the Viva voce board. If the report of the V iva voce board declares the performance of the research scholar not satisfactory , he/sh e may be asked to reappear for V iva voce at a later date (not earlier than a month and not later than six mon ths from the date of the first V iva voce ). On the second occasion, the V iva voce board will also include the members of the Doctoral Committee. If the V iva voce board on the second occasion also ev aluates the performance of the research scholar not satisfactory, the matter will be referred to the VC for a decision. 

24 . Award of degree

The award of Ph.D degrees to the scholars who have completed all the requirements for the award of Ph.D degree a s and when approved by the Senate and Board of Governors will be considered on request so as to reduce the period of waiting by scholars for getting the degrees . 

25 . Over - riding provision

Anything that is not explicitly covered in Sections 1 to 24 above w ith regard to Ph.D of KTU will be referred to the Vice - Chancellor for his/her decision and the decision will be final. END.

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