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Monday, July 6, 2015

Python Study Material for CS110 Computer Science Workshop KTU

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This is for computer science students of Kerala technological University.First year (S1S2) course allow them to study CS110 Computer Science Workshop.Following lecture notes are inherited from MIT open course ware (OCW). It will surely make you a thorough understanding of python,you may also try out courses available on EDX.These course materials are suggested by Principal of Ahalia School Of Engineering And Technology(ASET) Prof. R.K. Suresh .Don't forget to suggest other amazing tutorials via commenting if you know or mail to eduktu@gmail.com. 

Getting started (PDF)
raw_input_example.py (PY)
2Conditionals, loops
How to comment code properly (PDF)
height_example.py (PY)
conditional_examples.py (PY)
loop_examples.py (PY)
3Defining functions
lecture3.py (PY)
functions.py (PY)
check_for_vowels.py (PY)
4Strings, lists, list comprehensions
string_examples.py (PY)
list_examples.py (PY)
comprehension_examples.py (PY)
Additional Material
Two examples of a rock-paper-scissors program:
rps_example1.py (PY)
rps_example2.py (PY)
How to use while-else loops (suggestion: don't use them at all, but if you do be aware they work differently than you might think):
while_else.py (PY)

Optional lectureRecursion
Recursion notes (PDF)
Recursion examples (PY)
Optional problems (PDF)
Solutions to optional problems (PY)
5Tuples, dictionaries, common Python mistakes
tuple_examples.py (PY)
Remember that the keys of a dictionary must be immutable objects, but the values of a dictionary can be either immutable or mutable objects.
Common Python mistakes and misconceptions (PDF)
6Classespoint.py (PY)
7More about classeswheel.py (PY)
8Inheritanceinheritance_examples.py (PY)
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