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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Engineering Chemistry Lecture notes

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The Following are some lecture notes for cy100 chemistry,For first year course of KTU(Kerala technological University).Please share any additional resources you have to eduktu@gmail.com
Lecture 1: Structural Chemistry
Lecture 2: Particle in a Box
Lecture 3: Angular Momentum
Lecture 4: The Schrodinger Equation
Lecture 5: Wave Functions and Charge Densities
Lecture 6: Multi-Electron Atoms
Lecture 7: Homonuclear Diatomic Molecules
Lecture 8: Hetronuclear Diatomics
Lecture 9: Polyatomics
Lecture 10 : Non-covalent interactions 1: Intermolecular Forces
Lecture 11 : Non-covalent interactions 2 : Structures of Liquids
Lecture 12 : Electronic Spectroscopy
Lecture 13 : Rotational and Vibrational Spectroscopy
Lecture 14 : Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
Lecture 15 : Other spectroscopic methods
Lecture 16 : Lattices and Unit Cells
Lecture 17 : Closed Packed Structures
Lecture 18 : Bragg\'s Law and X - ray diffraction
Lecture 19 : Indexing Diffraction Patterns
Lecture 20 : Band Theory of Solids
Lecture 21 : Review Of Thermodynamics
Lecture 22 : Free energy and EMF
Lecture 23 : Batteries and Fuel Cells
Lecture 24 : Applications of Electrode Potentials.
Lecture 25 : Corrosion
Lecture 26 : Integrated Rate Laws
Lecture 27 : Experimental methods in chemical kinetics
Lecture 28 : Elementary Reactions and Reaction Mechanisms
Lecture 29 : Temperature Dependence of Reaction Rates
Lecture 30 : Complex Reactions
Lecture 31 : Lasers in Chemistry
Lecture 32 : Theories Of Reaction Rates - I : Collision Theory
Lecture 33 : Transition State Theory
Lecture 34 : PES - I
Lecture 35 : Potential Energy Surfaces (PES) II
Lecture 36 : Adsorption
Lecture 37 : Surface Characterization Techniques
Lecture 38 : Titrations : Acid-Base, Redox and Complexometric
Lecture 39 : Properties and Equilibria: Viscosity and Partition Coefficient
Lecture 40 : Kinetics and Photochemistry : Iodine Clock Reaction and Photochemical Reduction
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