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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Introduction To Civil Engineering Previous year Question Paper January 2016 (KTU)

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Course Code: BE101-01


Max. Marks: 100                                                       Duration: 3 Hours 



Answer all questions, each question carries 1 marks

  1. What is a retaining wall? 
  2. What is the minimum compressive strength of brick? 
  3. List out the grades of Ordinary Portland Cement. 
  4. Which is the strongest bond in brickwork? 
  5. What is the full form of TMT steel? 
  6. Write any one relevant factor for selecting suitable flooring material
 ( 6 Marks)


Answer all questions each having 5  marks

  1. (a)List out the various building components of your house (2)
    (b) Give the functions of any three building components. (3) 
  2. List out the various types of tiles used in civil engineering. (5) 
  3. (a) What are fine aggregates and coarse aggregates?.
    (b) Write a laboratory test for assessing the grading of aggregates. (2+3)
  4. Draw the plan and elevation of
    (a) One and half brick wall
    (b) Two brick wall, in English bond . (2.5+2.5) 
  5. What are the uses of mild steel? (5) 
  6. What are the different types of roofing material? (5)
  7. (6 x 5 = 30 Marks)


Answer Any 3 Question carries 6 marks

  1. Explain setting out of a building 
  2. Classify the types of buildings as per National Building Code of India 
  3. Discuss the various tests conducted on roofing tiles.
  4. Explain the classification of stones.


Answer Any 3 Question carries 6 marks

  1. Explain (a) Fineness test of cement (b) Initial and final setting time test of cement (3+3) 
  2. Sketch the flow diagram in dry process of manufacture cement (6)
  3. What are the essential features of English bond? (6)
  4. Compare brick masonry and stone masonry? (6)


Answer Any 4 Question carries 7 marks

  1. (a) What is meant by seasoning of timber? (2)
    (b) Explain three different methods of seasoning.(5) 
  2. Discuss any seven defects occurring in timber. (7)
  3. Sketch and explain any three structural steel sections (7) 
  4. What are the different flooring materials and factors affecting its selection? (7)
  5. List out seven advantages and disadvantages of flat roof. (7)
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