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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Basic Electrical Useful Text By Kavya Sreekumar

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Hi Friends,
This E-book is Shared to us by Kavya Sreekumar.This Text Book Will surely help for S1S2 students in their course of  Be101-03 Introduction To Electrical Engineering, Ee100 Basics Of Electrical Engineering of KTU. Students and teachers of KTU will be always grateful to you Kavya. Thank you very much.

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Basic Contents

1.INTRODUCTION OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Introduction - methods of power generation - electrical safety - safety precautions of electrician - electric shock - preventive method of electric shock ~first aid. 2. MATERIALS AND TOOLS USED IN ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT Electric conductor - types of electric conductor - properties of electric conductor - electrical insulating materials - properties - types of insulating materials -electrical accessories - types of switches - fuse unit - socket - ceiling rose - hand tools. 3. ELECTRICAL TERMS AND DC CIRCUITS Current - voltage - resistance - ampere - volt - ohms - ohm's law - capacitance - krichoff's law - electrical circuit - closed electric circuit - open electric circuit - electric Sh0l1 circuit - series circuit - parallel circuit - series parallel circuit - power - energy calculation. 4. ELECTRO MAGNETISM Magnetic materials - Electro magnet - magnetic effect due to current - flemming's right hand rule - max-well' s cork screw rule - magnetic field in the coil- end rule - magnetic reaction when the current passing ina conductor in same direction and opposite direction - Faraday's electro magnetic induction - induced electro motive force - statically induced e.m.f - self and mutual induced e.m.f lenz's law - hysterisis hysterisis loop - energy stored in a magnetic filed. 5. ELECTRICAL EFFECT Electrical energy Electrical energy Electrical energy Electrical Energy electrical energy electrical energy Mechanical energy (Electric Motor) 6. BATTERIES Battery - types of Batteries - primary cells - secondary cells - difference between primary cells and secondary cells - Lead acid cell- recharge batteries - watch cell- UPS. Light energy (lamp - CFL) Sound energy (Bell- Syren) Magnetic energy (Electromagnet) Heat Energy (Iron box) Chemical energy (Electroplating - Battery charging)
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